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Ken Stark email | site

I think that Marcos's secret may be magic cyber-pixie dust. How else does someone resurrect a dead laptop? As a business/executive/personal performance coach, my computer is my life; I could scarcely do what I do without it.

Listen, in this world there are people who follow through on promises, and those who don't. And then there's a little-known third group, to which Marcos Reyes belongs those who go beyond stated promises and do whatever it takes to get the results their clients truly need. It's called loyalty and Marcos has it.

He's also got a grip on another essential for beyond-great service: the truth. He won't tell you just what you want to hear, or what's convenient for himself. He'll speak the hard truth and then, as I said, do what it takes to help you get your result. For me, that meant acquiring a fresh computer after mine really did die. The proof is the excellent and economical laptop on which I'm crafting this recommendation. Nerd on Demand delivered.

In business and in life, such people are exceedingly rare, and when you find a Marcos, never let go. He'll do more than fix your computer, believe me.

Ken Stark

Mike & Liz Cleckler email | site

We sell real estate and really depend on our computers. Marcos has done a fantastic job of keeping them running properly. We recommend him highly.

Clarissa H. email | site

Hey, Marcos;
No, you are not too late, but perhaps too early! We are in the throws of getting my daughter prepared for college, so can we reconnect the end of August/early September on the remaining issues?
The computer speed is so much better and responsive since your visit - Thanks for restoring harmony and order to our technical needs!! Clarissa

Mack Knopf email | site

Marcos sells great refurbished hardware. His computers are a real find and he supports them all the way. I am very pleased with how he altered and sold a used computer to me. Quality merchandise.

Faye Knopf email | site

Hey Marcos,

Thanks for the housecall; your help was a real gift. Later.



Dorothy Christian email | site

Hi Marcos, yes, you remembered my em correctly & yes, Snapfish worked great! Delia came over & we ordered on Foxfire & it worked perfectly. I'm so glad to have all that straightened out-- thanks so much for your expert help. I tell everyone about you! Will call again when we have problems! Thanks again,

Tian Shen email | site

Marcos Reyes is reliable. He is patient to answer my questions about computer. He helps me to set up good secure system on my compiter, maks it faster than ever. I would refer anyone needing assistance with computer

Tian Shen

Robert Taylor email | site

Marcos: Today is the first and only time I have ever had fun installing anything. I think I will like the program after a fair amount of practice. Please do use my name as a referral recommendation anytime. You know we elders will never keep up with all the evolving changes in cyberspace.

Nicole Reed and Jan Roberts email | site

We used Marcos Reyes for our small business computer needs in rebuilding a hard drive, organizing our computer account files, setting up a better email system, website planning, and networking. We found Marcos to be very accessible when needed, knowledgeable and thorough. We have recommended Marcos's services to others, and plan to continue to use his services ourselves.

Nicole Reed and Jan Roberts, Members
Capital Solutions

Ginny Bugg email | site

Marcos Reyes has been a great help to Better Basics, Inc., both before and during our recent office move. Knowing that he was in charge of getting our computers set up and networked at the new location gave me a lot of peace of mind. Marcos has also taken an interest in our work as a child literacy agency, and he understands how we use our computers in our work. Another project he has helped me on is setting up a web-based calendar, so that employees can check others' calendars easily. Marcos is a quiet and pleasant person to have around the office. He makes sure everything related to our computer system is working well!

Ginny Bugg
Executive Director
Better Basics, Inc., a United Way agency

Laurella Owens email | site

I am a low-proficiency, "un-techie" p.c. user, so when we lost our files, etc. I needed someone who is kind, as well as smart, to help. Marcos turned out to be that person; he is courteous, efficient, reliable. And reasonable in his charges.
On top of all that, he liked our dog!

Joan Olivier email | site

Marcos Reyes is professional and willing to help no matter how large or small the task. I am an individual computer user with basic computer needs. Even so, Marcos is always ready to help with advice or on-sight service. I find him to be fair and know him to be honest. His technical expertise is superb.

Helen Logue email | site

Marcos Reyes is knowledgeable, efficient, prompt, and personable. He was extremely helpful to me. He not only solved my problem but had suggestions for things I could do myself to make my computer system perform better.

June Cunniff email | site

Marcos Reyes has worked on my computer for nearly two years and there is less trouble than ever before. It is stable and reliable because I put the decisions into his hands. I watched him over a long period of time solve many problems fast and quickly and use a minimum amount of time to do so. In view of all the trouble I have had in the past and the downtime of my computer, it has been a real savings.
Marcos is reliable, quick and decisive. He is trustworthy and a welcome guest into my office and home.

June Cunniff
J. Cunniff Public Relations

Woody Cox email | site

To Whom It May Concern,

Marcos Reyes is a first rate computer consultant. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable of computer hardware and software, he is extremely prompt and courteous. His fees are well within reason and he can be counted on to resolve your computer problems quickly and efficiently.

I would highly recommend that anyone needing computer assistance consider consulting with Marcos first.

Woody Cox

Joan Scott Lowe email | site

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to testify that Marcos Reyes is a top-notch computer software and hardware consultant. Anytime our computer malfunctions, all we have to do is call Marcos at Nerds On Demand, and he is here within an hour to trouble shoot and repair the problem. His fees are reasonable (half as much as the going rate), and he is courteous, efficient and reliable.

We at Holistic Health Services would refer anyone needing assistance with computer issues to Marcos Reyes for a quick, affordable solution to all your computer ills!

Sincerely yours,
Joan Scott Lowe
Holistic Health Services
1901 Richard Arrington Blvd South
Birmingham, Alabama 35223

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