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Nerd On Demand's mission is to be your Business and Home Technology Partner by providing fast, reliable, and friendly information technology services you can count on. Keeping current with the latest available technologies, we use this knowledge to provide the most time and cost effective solutions for you. We want to understand your individual needs to find something that will suit you and increase your productivity, empowering you with access to the world's information. We can also automate the repetitive day to day tasks you face, giving you more time to do what's important.

The Services Include:

Small Business Services
Let Nerd On Demand act as your part-time, on-call IT department. Nerd On Demand specializes in providing technology support to small and medium-sized businesses, and can easily fulfill your needs for short and long-term IT projects so you don't need to go through the hassles of hiring full-time staff!

Software Architecture
Let Nerd On Demand find the most effective software for your project. Nerd On Demand architects are knowledgeable in workstation, web based, and mobile device software. Group schedule management systems, group contact (CRM) management, online stores, wikis, blogs, remote desktop connectivity, etc.

Computer / Device Repair Services
Regardless your problem, Nerd On Demand is prepared to help. Our experienced technicians will diagnose, troubleshoot and repair all device related problems. When your personal computer, printer or other peripheral failure occurs, our technicians can resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Networking Services
You want your devices to be connected and talking to each other, like a web cam at the front door, a single printer for your entire office or family, and access to your files no matter where they are.

Internet Connection Services
Nerd On Demand can give you the options and knowledge to choose the best internet service plan for you (affordable without sacrificing speed), and connect you without your having to be on the phone, on hold, listening to terrible music.

Upgrade Support Services
Nerd On Demand can do a full analysis of your current system and technology requirements and give you a full recommendation. Our experienced technicians can do an assessment and upgrade hardware or software as needed.

PC Installation Services
Upon buying a new computer, printer and networking devices, Nerd On Demand will install the new equipment, upgrade existing hardware, load software and connect all other peripheral devices.

Web Design and Web Hosting Services
Nerd On Demand offers WebSite Design Services whether you are starting a small business and need an online brochure and ordering system, or want a photo-abulm on the Web with your favorite holiday events at your own personalized website: www.yourname.com!

Basic & Advanced Instruction Services
Nerd On Demand can help you excel with your computer, your phone, the internet, etc.

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Contact Nerd On Demand right now to find out how we can start helping you with all your computer, software, networking, and internet needs.